Our Mission 

Every student enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering Science at Western is a member of the Undergraduate Engineering Society. The UES Council exists to ensure that every society member, every Western Engineering student, has the best undergraduate experience possible. This purpose is manifested in action.

Our council is dedicated to helping each and every student receive a full Western Engineering experience and enjoy their time here. We put on social events to further strengthen the community among our Engineering students, providing them with small encounters that spark lifelong friendships. The UES Council supports clubs where students can embrace their passions and hone true technical expertise. Discovering what you love to do unlocks your potential. We also provide academic and career support. You’re enabled to perform inside the classroom and change the world outside of it.

The UES Council is the voice of students to the Faculty of Engineering at Western. When the school’s interests are aligned with the students’, progress is possible. Time and time again, it’s promised that you’ll remember your university years as among the best in your life. We’re here to help keep that promise.

2019-2020 UES Council Executive



Matthew Tutty


VP Finance & Administration

Keemia Abbaszadeh


VP Communications

Brandon Folia


VP Academic

Kiran Singh


VP Social

Nicole Martensson


VP Internal

Chris Mohan


VP External

Yudi Yang

2019-2020 UES Council Members

Position Name Email
President Matthew Tutty ues.prez@uwo.ca
VP Finance & Administration Keemia Abbaszadeh ues.vpfinadmin@uwo.ca
VP Academic Kiran Singh ues.vpacad@uwo.ca
VP Internal Chris Mohan ues.vpint@uwo.ca
VP External Yudi Yang ues.vpext@uwo.ca
VP Communications Brandon Folia ues.vpcomm@uwo.ca
VP Social Nicole Martensson ues.vpsocial@uwo.ca
Commissioners & Directors
Creative Director of Merchanise Henry McArdle Updating
Store Manager Megan Ginham Updating
Assets Manager Emma Neilson Updating
Professional Development Jovana Rajic Updating
Career Events Commissioner Kelsey Crawford Updating
Outreach Director Dalton McPhaden ues.outreach@uwo.ca
Yearbook Editors Rawad Hachicho ues.yearbook@uwo.ca
Eric Kogut ues.yearbook@uwo.ca
WEC Chair Shehzer Naumani ues.wec@uwo.ca
Environmental Commissioner Updating
Wellness Commissioner Oswald Lawson Updating
International Commissioner Jenny Zhou Updating
Alumni Commissioner Spencer Forrest ues.alumni@uwo.ca
Purple Arm Editors Matthew Caston ues.purplearm@uwo.ca
Matthew Kerr ues.purplearm@uwo.ca
Marketing Directors Areej Ansari Updating
Andrew Ishak Updating
Social Media Director Claire Moynihan cmoynih@uwo.ca
First Year Social Director Updating
Upper Year Social Director Juan Rodriguez Updating
Charity Commissioner Sarah From ues.charity@uwo.ca
Sports Commissioner Jacob Tawil ues.sports@uwo.ca
WEW Director Alexandra Martin Updating
Head Soph Ben Anthony eng.headsoph@gmail.com
Speaker Updating
Clubs Commissioner Dean Kernaghan dkernagh@uwo.ca
USC Representatives Allie Bachtold abachtol@uwo.ca
Adrian Hucal ahucal4@uwo.ca
Jacob Sawyer jsawyer8@uwo.ca
Year Reps (Not Updated)
1st Year
1st Year Rep Shaurya Karky skarky@uwo.ca
1st Year Rep Jack Lam jlam432@uwo.ca
1st Year Rep Oswald Lawson olawson2@uwo.ca
1st Year Rep Chris Mohan cmohan5@uwo.ca
2nd Year
CBE II Shaden Masaud smasaudw@uwo.ca
CEE II Jules Thomas jthom323@uwo.ca
ECE II - Computer Andrew Ishak aishak4@uwo.ca
ECE II - Electrical Jovana Rajic jrajic2@uwo.ca
GPE II Brandon Folia bfolia@uwo.ca
INT II Dejan Uzelac duzelac@uwo.ca
MME II Hannah Waters hwaters@uwo.ca
MSE II Kiran Singh ksing73@uwo.ca
SE II Hadeel Elmadhoon helmadh@uwo.ca
3rd Year
CBE III Sarah From sfrom@uwo.ca
CEE III Caspar Bain cbain24@uwo.ca
ECE III - Computer Stephanie Johnstone sjohn333@uwo.ca
ECE III - Electrical Tashmia Anwar tanwar@uwo.ca
GPE III Priya Shrestha pshrest@uwo.ca
INT III Jesse McAlister jmcalis3@uwo.ca
MME III Kylie Paliani kpalian2@uwo.ca
MSE III Pieter Van Gaalen pvangaa@uwo.ca
SE III Ali Malik amali28@uwo.ca
4th Year
CBE IV Meghan Vissers mvissers@uwo.ca
CEE IV Eric Robinson erobin43@uwo.ca
ECE IV - Computer
ECE IV - Electrical Matt Bradshaw mbradsh8@uwo.ca
GPE IV Christian Singh csingh69@uwo.ca
INT IV Luis Dorador ldorador@uwo.ca
MME IV Cassy Jaffray cjaffra@uwo.ca
MSE IV Paavan Raj praj@uwo.ca
Additional Members
Internship Angelica Tilli atilli@uwo.ca
Dual-Degree Jacob Tawil jtawil.hba2020@ivey.ca