Western Engineering has many amazing clubs to get involved in! Take your pick:

Aero design

Do you like things that fly, and want to learn how to build an airplane? The Aero Design Team at Western is a completely student run mega project that was created in 2001 and has been active ever since, designing and building Radio Controlled Aircrafts for competition. We participate annually in the SAE Aero Design Competition held in the United States, where we compete against universities from around the world.


agtech Western

AgTech Western provides a space for students with an interest in technology and agriculture to collide. Technical skills will be built through research & soft skills through exposure to leadership positions.

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Chem club

The Chem Club is for undergraduate students considering or currently enrolled in Chemical, Biochemical, or Green Process engineering. Chem Club is a great way to meet other chemical engineering students as well as other faculty and staff in the department. The club organizes several social and academic events each semester, as well as the Chem Eng Mixer, in which students and professors attend for an evening of fun, games, food, and prizes. 

We have bi-weekly meetings on Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30 in SEB 2202.

Engineers without borders western

EWB Canada is a non-profit that addresses poverty in sub-Saharan through an approach that seeks to rectify root causes of challenging global problems, rather than being satisfied by addressing surface-level symptoms. EWB Western is a highly active chapter within the organization, with portfolios such as Fair Trade and Food Systems, Youth Engagement, and Political Advocacy.

Visit the EWB Western Website

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WE bots

Have you always wanted to build cool robots? WE Bots is a comfortable and open learning environment for students to expand and improve their skills through working on exciting robotics, electronics, and software projects. We have access to a wide range of technical and fabrication resources so even if you’ve never built anything before, we will teach you the skills you need to build what you want.

Visit the WE BOTS Website

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Western baja sae

Western Baja SAE is an extra-curricular design team dedicated to completing the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) challenge of designing and building an off-road race vehicle. Our team is generally comprised of student members from the faculty of engineering, but we also work with business students for non-technical roles as well. This diverse group of students spend their school year and summer designing and building the car from welding the frame, to manufacturing complex drive train parts, while generating our own financial support. This gives the students an opportunity to gain practical hands-on training, build team work skills and work through each stage of design through to completion.

Western engineering concrete canoe association

The Western Engineering Concrete Canoe Association (WECCA) designs, builds and races a concrete canoe. Members participate in concrete mix design, mould development and canoe theme creation. The culmination is the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition where canoes are showcased and raced.

Visit the WECCA Website

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The Western Engineering Toboggan Team is a club dedicated to designing, building, and racing a steel frame, concrete ski Toboggan. The Toboggan fits 5 riders and is complete with steering, braking, and suspension. WETT races their Toboggan at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) every year, competing against up to 30 other schools from around Canada and the United States. This year’s competition is being held in Toronto, and WETT hopes to bring home the top prize after a close Runner-Up finish last year at GNCTR Edmonton.

Visit the WETT Website

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Western Engineering Musical

The Western Engineering Musical is a club that oversees the production of the annual engineering musical held at Western University. The club itself consists of the executive members, the production team, the backstage crew, the band, and the cast. The executive and the production team positions are filled during the summer, while the cast members are selected in the beginning of the fall term. However, every member of the musical must be currently or previously enrolled in the engineering program. The plots of the musicals are inspired from popular stories and are performed in a comedian fashion, as a parody to the original piece with western engineering themes. One very important part of the musical is the rehearsals which will occur throughout the school year and are attended by the cast, the band, and some of the production team and executive members. The rehearsals are where all the performance preparation happens for the musical and is what many members consider the most enjoyable part of the experience. This is where the team bonds and goofs around while trying to learn the script and songs that were created over the summer by the production team. To learn more about the musical, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or get in touch with any of the executive members. Please follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with the news and applications of the musical.

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Western Formula RacinG

We are a team (read: family) of passionate students in various faculties across Western. Every year, we design, build, market and race a formula-style racecar, that competes in the FSAE series internationally against 815 other universities on it’s design and viability as a mass-produced consumer vehicle. We are currently 13th in the world, and 1st in Canada. Our team currently has members from Mech, Tron, Elec and Chem, as well as from across the university in Ivey, BMOS, Kin, and Polisci (to name a few).

Visit the Formula Racing Website

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Western Society of Civil Engineering

The purpose of the Western Society of Civil Engineering (WSCE) is to enrich the experience of students enrolled in civil engineering at the University of Western Ontario. The WSCE organizes social events, competitions (both athletic and academic) and field trips in order to promote extra-curricular involvement with the faculty. The WSCE is also affiliated with the CSCE – London Chapter, as we communicate all of their events to students. All undergraduate students enrolled in the civil program at UWO are welcome to join. If you have any questions or comments for the WSCE please email wsce@uwo.ca.

Women In Engineering

Women in Engineering at Western University is a student group working to empower and encourage current and prospective female students in the field of engineering. We provide support and opportunities to increase women in engineering enrollment and retention. Our mission focuses on the personal and professional development of both current and future students. For current students, this club is able to provide academic and social guidance to current female students and opportunities to network and build relationships with one another. For future students, our team works diligently at providing outreach support for young females. In terms of outreach, WIE strives to provide both elementary and high school students with a better understanding of what engineering is and the countless opportunities an engineering degree provides. WIE was created in 1989 to increase the female representation in Western’s engineering program. Since then, female enrolment in engineering at Western has increased from 9% to 18%. WIE has initiated activities and events to encourage female engineering students to get to know each other, to help orient new female students to university life, to encourage female high school students to enter engineering, and to provide a support network for career development.

Visit the Women In Engineering Website

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Sunstang Solar Car Project

Engineering is all about innovation, and what’s more innovative than a car that runs purely off of sunlight? The SunStang Solar Car Project designs, builds and races solar cars for worldwide competitions. SunStang challenges students to incorporate the typical mechanical car components with customized electrical systems that provide the silent power of the beast. Students work on all aspects of the car so that it is designed and built entirely by our members. including composite aerobodies, solar cell encapsulation, real-time telemetry, and even high-power lithium battery protection systems. If you’re looking to expand your technological knowledge, gain valuable skills in the machine shop, and get your green on with a car whose fuel efficiency puts the Prius to shame…join SunStang! 

Visit the Sunstang Solar Car Project Website

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The Western EngiQueers is a social connection and advocacy group for the LGBTQ+ and ally communities within Western Engineering. Our main goals are to provide education surrounding relevant topics to the faculty, provide professional development opportunities, help local LGBTQ+ charities, and ultimately create a safe space within Western Engineering where the students feel comfortable being themselves. We are connected to similar clubs that exist across Canada which are currently being united under the banner of 'EngiQueers Canada'. Locally, we are affiliated with Pride Western as well as other faculty specific LGBTQ+ groups throughout the Western campus.

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