ESSCO President's Meeting 2016

Author: Kelsey Crawford

ESSCO PM was the first conference of the school year. It is a relatively small conference, as only the VP Externals and Presidents attend. This conference is the first chance for VP Externals to really discuss the different provincial issues, and set a direction of ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario). 

As a council we have decided that the ESSCO executive this year shall focus on issues such as; improving relations with OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers), putting together meaningful sessions to be presented at upcoming conferences, and creating a survey to distribute to students across Ontario in order to create more awareness about student issues.

Above are VP Externals from Western, Windsor, Waterloo, and Carleton

Above are VP Externals from Western, Windsor, Waterloo, and Carleton

Another issue that ESSCO currently is facing is trying to get all schools in Ontario to rejoin as a member. Right now Queen’s is not a member, and U of T is a limited member. There was plenty of discussion on how we can get them to rejoin the organization. We as VP Externals have been tasked to discuss this topic with our respective societies, and will be reconvening to decide how ESSCO should go about this at FYIC (First year Integration Conference).

If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations for ESSCO or our council please feel free to send me an email at