ESSCO PM 2017 - Accreditation and Tuition Working Group

Author: Ivan Zvonkov

ESSCO President’s Meeting was a Conference which had a main goal of setting the direction of ESSCO for the year moving forward. There were also some interesting sessions, one particular session was led by Bob Dony the PEO President. The session was about accreditation and I’ll attempt to provide a short summary of the session below.

Law students have to take the Bar exam to be licensed lawyers. Why do engineering students only have to write an ethics exam and no huge knowledge based exam to become licensed? The answer lies in the way Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) with Engineers Canada does accreditation. The majority of accreditation happens throughout the entire engineering degree. Through the lecture content, hours in lab, quizzes and exams are all factors in which students demonstrate their understanding of engineering principles. Details of the Accreditation Procedure can be found here

The Tuition Working Group, which I co-chair, made some progress as well by delivering a presentation on their current research on the state of engineering tuition. The Working Group circulated a document summarizing their findings to the VP Externals of each school. However, because the document is in draft form it will not be shared yet with everyone. The Working Group will continue research and present a more substantial strategy for advocacy at the First Year Integration Conference in February 2018.

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