WESST AGMR 2017 - What is WESST!?

Author: Ivan Zvonkov

Why is there two S's in WESST? Well it actually stands for Western Engineering Student Societies Team. Like ESSCO is to Ontario, WESST is to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Why does Western University attend a conference hosted by WESST when it is not in a Western province? Good question. 10 years ago or so a clause was added to the WESST policy manual that Western University would be invited to each Annual General Meeting. The clause has since expired in 2016, however the tradition for Western to send a delegate to WESST AGMR has stayed.

But, why has it stayed? I'll outline the benefits to both sides of the equation below.

The WESST schools and the WESST executive benefit from hearing a non-WESST view point in plenary discussion and other sessions. On multiple occasions I chimed in to discussion to elaborate on how ESSCO runs different conferences and events and how Western runs certain events and initiatives.

In the same vein, Western and ESSCO benefits from hearing how WESST runs its conferences and certain initiatives. There are many differences such as the fact that there society is spread over four different provinces and they have many interesting traditions.

The big benefit for Western comes during Congress. Congress serves as the meeting for the VP Externals from all schools across Canada. From WESST, Western is able to make several relationships with WESST VP Externals which helps with discussion of motions as well with CFES elections.

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