WESST Annual General Meeting 2016

Author: Kelsey Crawford

The Western Engineering Students' Societies Team (WESST) is an alliance of engineering student societies across western Canada. It consists of thirteen member societies from ten universities, and is the equivalent of ESSCO.

Every year Western Engineering has been invited to go to this conference, as we have built great relationships with the schools from Western Canada. It is extremely important for the VP External to build these relationships going into Congress, in order to have more connections when it comes to voting. It is also a great opportunity for Western to learn from a different variety of schools then just in Ontario. 

While attending their conference I was able to see what the West regions do differently than us. It was actually quite interesting as I was able to learn about what they would like to get out of CFES. Most of their views aligned with the Ontario region, as they felt the main issue with CFES is lack of communication. Knowing that most of the regions feel the same as how we can improve CFES was definitely comforting.

Also learning how WESST differs from ESSCO was able to help me bring back best practices for our own region. For example the executive team for WESST do not have a vote, whereas our ESSCO executive team does. I thought this was interesting as I had figured their exec team would also hold a vote. They felt that it was the VP External's job to vote on behalf of their schools and represent the general opinions of the undergraduate engineers, whereas the executive are not chosen to represent their schools. It was definitely an interesting perspective to encounter. 

Overall it was a great learning experience to engage in a different eng culture, as well as network and make friends for the upcoming year!