Delegate’s Notebook- Tips and Tricks from AGM

Author: Arianna Basilone

June 1-4, 2017

ESSCO’s AGM conference, although catered to training incoming VP Externals, offered a wide variety of seminars- dealing with leadership, professionalism and industry- for the common engineering student.  Some of the seminars that I personally attended included ones on: networking, sponsorship, diversity, chairing a meeting,and social media.  Here are my quick tips:


  • If you are applying for a position in the industry, you should list any of your co-ops, extra curriculars, awards, projects and any conferences you’ve attended.  These reflect the key things  industry is looking for such as teamwork and presentation.

  • On the other hand, if you are looking at academia, it is your GPA, awards, program knowledge and academic projects that should be highlighted.  These reflect the key things academia is looking for: research, report writing, autonomy, merit and tech skills.

  • LinkedIn, the professional’s social media app, is very valuable- make sure to keep your profile updated

  • When meeting a professional or potential employer use general conversation/personal vs. typical networking tactics so as to stand out

Conferences and networking events are a great way to meet potential employers, learn about new opportunities and can even help land you a job.


**A good read for those on a club/team**

  • Consider non monetary donations (e.g. Starbucks providing drinks at event, a guest speaker)

  • Sponsorship packages are your selling feature to a prospective sponsor.  Whether you are asking for funding or support, it’s crucial that you have all the information available up front for the potential sponsor.  The sponsor package answers the 5 W’s and how about your event or cause, but more importantly it can help sell it.  A strong sponsorship package would include: letter from chair, endorsement from the Dean, info on the event and your goals, a breakdown of budget, stats and graphs, previous success, and the benefits for the sponsor.

  • Ideas as to what to offer a sponsor: logo placement on T-shirt, ad in event handbook, swag in event package, speaking rights, official sponsor of an event

  • Where to find funding: internal (faculty, engsoc→ our UES, Dean, alumni), external (local company, large corps, companies that employ co-op students), municipality (can get an MP to endorse and put in the event package)

  • Keep organised

  • First call potential sponsors then send follow up email

  • Maintain relations and be proactive

    • Send follow up after event

    • During event send friendly reminders


  • Whether you are an exec on a club, team, council or any type of organization, there is one sentence that should always be included in your applications, interviews or whatever style of recruitment you use:  You openly accept everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuaity...etc.

Adding this one thing can make a huge impact on ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.  It also rest assured any who may be questioning whether they will feel comfortable to join.

How to Chair a Meeting

  • Applicable to council as well as first year design, Robert’s Rules are a good tool to mediate conversation and hold a productive meeting.  Here’s the basics of it, but feel free to stop by a council meeting to see them in use!

    • 1 finger → new topic

    • 2 fingers → same topic

    • 3 fingers/ circular motion/ flip the bird → wrap up discussion

    • Pinky finger → “point of information/clarification” → stops conversation, for immediate address

    • Call to question → vote to go to vote immediately

Social Media/Marketing

Well that’s it folks! If you have any questions regarding the conference information, or my experience at conference (10/10 would recommend) give me a shout:

Arianna Basilone