What CFES is Doing

Author: Ivan Zvonkov

First of all what the heck is the CFES and why should I read the next few sentences?

The CFES is basically a national council representing students all across Canada. Just super recently at the CFES President’s Meeting, the organization made significant progress towards two things.

First a big service - the CFES laid down some groundwork for the next level of the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC), this will be THE INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING COMPETITION (IEC), more information on this later.

Secondly the CFES released a national survey to get data on student mental health, coop programs, teaching effectiveness and a few more important topics. Fill it out right here: https://fluidsurveys.usask.ca/surveys/13-aadzzwnyzxqxn0lnztziztk3snb/cfes-national-student-survey/ to affect how CFES will advocate on these issues with engineering organizations and the government.

The National CFES survey was released last week. The higher the response rate from all member schools, the higher the validity of the data. So please, if you haven't already, fill out this survey, if you have, share it with one friend. The data will be used to come up with stances on issues such as Student Mental Health. Let's do an example. Imagine a lot of students fill out this survey and the data shows that, for example, engineering students are at a high risk of having issues with mental health due to a large workload. The CFES would then take this data and develop a stance. Then the CFES would go into talks with the Accreditation Board to highlight this issue and affect changes to the next update of accreditation. For those who don't know, accreditation is the collection of requirements that an engineering faculty must fulfill when teaching engineering students in order for them to get a license. So it's important that you fill out this survey.

Let's move on to that big engineering competition  - how is it going to work. The CFES has partnerships with similar societies in other regions such as a similar organization in the States (NAESC https://www.naesc.org/) and two in Europe (BEST https://www.best.eu.org/index.jsp and Bonding https://bonding.eu/). The different partners are going to join together to form a separate organization, CIESO (oh please another acronym... yes... anyways it stands for Coalition of International Engineering Student Organizations). The main goal of this CIESO will be to run an International Engineering Competition. For the first two years of its existence CIESO will select an executive team and each organization involved (such as the CFES) will select a representative for CIESO. Then CIESO can create governing documents, so basically decide how it is going to run itself. After that, most likely in 2018, a school will bid to host this International Engineering Completion which will run in 2020, if all goes smoothly. I've linked documents providing a lot more concrete info including a timeline for CIESO here:

If you, my dear reader, have any questions or input about this fill out the question form linked at the bottom and I'll get back to you.