FYIC - Wellness and Lakehead

Author: Shaden Masaud


Let’s face it, Engineering is hard. The immense workload, extracurricular involvement, and trying to maintain a social life can be challenging. Engineering is a universally tough program, and some may take pride in how tough our program can be. It can be hard to manage all your life aspects, but what should be kept in mind is your overall health. Maintaining your wellness should take top priority in your life.

Picture this: it’s a typical Wednesday, you’ve got around 8 hours of class today, a lab tomorrow, a midterm on Saturday, and let’s not forget all the cleaning that needs to be done in your room. It may seem obvious what you’re supposed to do, get all your work done no matter what portion of your wellbeing you sacrifice. This is the reality that many Engineering students live in; but, one thing I’ve learned is that the time to relax is when you don’t have the time to relax. Take a step back and breathe. Do something you love, hang out with your friends, call your mom, do anything that makes you feel happy and helps relieve any stress existent in your life. It’s important to take your wellbeing into consideration with anything you do. If you need to talk, there’s an abundance of resources and individuals who care about you and would love to help you out.

One thing to note is that there exist many dimensions of wellness, these include but aren’t limited to: physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness. Maintaining one type of wellness can affect another, and neglecting one type of wellness can be detrimental to the rest. Aiming to balance the different types of wellness should remain a priority in our life. This won’t come overnight, and becoming aware of your lifestyle and choices can really pave the path to healthy living. It is important to consider the fact that everyone’s optimal wellness can differ from person to person. One individual’s ideal life balance may be different than another, and making sure you find the right stability is important. Keeping all this in mind, here are some suggested ways that can help you improve on the different dimensions of wellness:

  1. Physical: SLEEP MORE! Even if it’s 30 more minutes of sleep, your body needs it and will thank you once you are more energized and ready to take on the day.
  2. Mental: TALK MORE! Talk about how you’re feeling to loved ones, and/or access the resources available on campus to hear you out. Remember: as Engineering students, and as people in general, we are all here for each other and ready to listen to what you have to say. Keep the conversation going, and know you always have someone to help you.
  3. Social: CHILL MORE! Debating whether you should finish writing your report or grab a bite to eat with friends? How about both! 30 minutes with your friends certainly won’t be the end of the world, and you could come back feeling good and ready to type away.
  4. SPIRTUAL: CONNECT MORE! Meditating, praying, spiritual practices, and mindfulness all fall under the spiritual category. By practicing any of which apply to you at least once a week, your spiritual wellness will improve greatly.

With everything being said, remember to always put your well being first, and the most important person to you should be you.

Thunder Bay

COME FOR THE LAKE, STAY FOR THE … wonderful history and culture! If we’re being real here, I didn’t know anything about Thunder Bay before attending the conference. I just knew it was somewhere far away from London, and that I would probably never end up there. Coming to think of it, I’m glad I had the opportunity to go there.  Here are some cool things I learned about Thunder Bay:

  1. Curling and Chinese Food: Curling was always a peculiar sport to me. I never thought to try it and just admired it from afar while keeping my distance. Similarly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Chinese food either. Put those two together, and you have a Thunder Bay tradition. Almost every curling club is attached to a family owned Chinese restaurant, so you can show off your skills with the rock, and snack on some delicious chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce later. Participating in this helped me try new things and experience Thunder Bay customs like a local would.
  2. Ethnic diversity: Did you know Thunder Bay has the largest proportion of aboriginal people in Canada? This makes Thunder Bay so culturally diverse, allowing it to hold many cultural events during the year that enrich the public with culture and customs. It all comes from the formation of the city itself, where two towns, Fort William and Port Arthur united and joined to become a diverse city known as Thunder Bay.
  3. Astronomy: Being in northern Ontario, Thunder Bay is an ideal location for stargazing and discovering the wonders of our universe. With minimal light pollution, you can view wonders such as the Orion Belt during the winter, and even view the Northern Lights during Summer days. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s observatory is ideal for stargazing, so if you need somewhere to head out during the summer, this place is for you