PEO-SC Conference Writeup

Written by Yudi, 2019 VP External:

I was given an opportunity to attend the PEO Students’ Conference in Ottawa over the September 13-15 weekend. At the conference, I attended a session being help by a representative from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, also known as OSPE. During this presentation, the representative introduced an upcoming OSPE initiative called Exchange Hubs. The Exchange Hubs are designed to encourage students to pitch their ideas and bring it to life. The Hubs will provide students with industry support as well as funding to ensure that their passion project can be accomplished. The Exchange Hubs are being launched this year in multiple Ontario universities: Queen’s, Ryerson, McMaster, Guelph, Windsor and Waterloo. These geographical Hubs will encourage students to get involved in engineering passion projects and receive guidance from industry professionals. Students can become and Exchange Hub Ambassador through a simple online application and once accepted will undergo ambassador training. As an ambassador, students are expected to communicate the Hub initiatives with their respective student bodies as well as execute events alongside the Hub community. The Exchange Hubs are an exciting new initiative by OSPE to cultivate student connection with the engineering industry.