your engineering donation fee

Western Engineering Donation Fee

You may have heard about this $150.00 Western Engineering Donation Fee that you and every other undergraduate engineering student pays in addition to your tuition. This is an important donation that goes toward a variety of services and funds built for the betterment of your student experience.

The Undergraduate Engineering Society ( 13.3%)

Of the $150.00 donation fee, $20.00 goes toward the Undergraduate Engineering Society (UES). Your UES, if you haven’t already determined from this awesome ENGenda you are presumably holding, is there to provide you with social and academic services. We also provide you with workshops and events for personal growth and development, while making sure your time at Western is the most memorable experience of your life. That $20.00 helps fund the engineering formal, the yearbooks, the lunch & learns, and everything in between, allwith engineering students in mind.

The Project Fund (53.3%)

The purpose of this fund is to enhance the quality of undergraduate education by supporting student projects, groups, teams, clubs and other initiatives to enrich your learning experience. Of the $150.00 from the Donation Fee, $80.00 goes to the project fund. If you are part of a club under the Western Engineering banner, that club has applied for funding from the Project Fund, including WETT, WECCA, EWB, WE FIRST, and the Soph Team, just to name a few. The project fund ensures all Western Engineering clubs can run year-after-year without excessive need for external sponsorship.

To see how the Project Fund has historically financed Western Engineering organizations, visit:

The Western Engineering Student Endowment Laboratory (WESEL) Fund (33.3%)

This fee is used to develop and maintain undergraduate laboratories and facilities. Of the $150.00 from the Donation Fee, $50.00 goes to the WESEL Fund. Each year, WESEL uses a portion of this donation to fund new laboratory equipment. The remainder is collected and invested, with the goal that one day we will be able to fund new lab spaces using only the interest earned. In its first three years of existence, WESEL was able to fund the creation of five new, state of the art laboratories.

In short, the Donation Fee exists to make your academic and social experiences at Western as high quality as possible. As a donation fee, students retain the right to opt out of $130.00 of that fee, which comes directly out of the Project and WESEL funds. Though the fee is not mandatory and one student opting out may not make a huge difference, please consider the snowball effect if multiple students follow suit. The Donation Fee is not just for you, but for all Western Engineers.