Engineering Leather Jackets


Leather jackets are sold twice a year, Once at the beginning of the fall semester and once at the beginning of the winter semester. Keep an eye on the announcements during these times so you don't miss the day!

October 2nd 2019 is the upcoming Sale Date.


Sales and Sizing is always in the UES Lounge, located at SEB 1001. 


Jackets will cost $435 in the 2019-2020 year,

You can add 1-2 inside mickey pockets for an additional $10 each (Highly reccomended).


When you come to buy your jacket in the UES, there are several sample jackets that you can try on for size.

AVAILABLE colours:

Black, brown, red, white and navy. 

Faux Leather:

Beginning in October 2019, Faux Leather will be available. The colour is limited to black with this option.

How long do they take to arrive?

The jackets usually arrive around end of semester exams. 

Can I get patches added later on?

Yes, however you will have to go to their store at 840 Caledonia Rd, North York, ON.

questions / issues

General questions: (ex. how/when to purchase, when purchasing will be available, etc) email the UES -

Questions or Issues about a jacket you have already bought: Call or email Export Leather Garments - (416)-703-0263 - - be sure to include the invoice number in the email!