Uppey Downey Table Booking

The UES is provides an unofficial booking system as the Uppey Downey Table is owned and operated by Western Engineering Faculty. Please use this schedule to prevent conflicts between clubs/teams.


  1. Only Faculty, The UES, and UES Clubs and Teams may book the table.

  2. Bookings can be placed a maximum of 2 weeks in advance and are available from 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri.

  3. There are two slots, therefore the table space is to be split to accommodate two clubs/teams.

  4. VP Finance and Western Engineering Faculty reserve the right to cancel any booking.

  5. If asked by Faculty, vacate the table immediately.

How To:

Email ues.vpfinadmin@uwo.ca to register a club/team for booking access.

Click the + button on the calendar below to add your booking.