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ESSO Changes at FYIC 2018

Author: Ivan Zvonkov

I am going to go through all the big changes made by the Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO). Let’s start off with the largest, most crazy change… all the Conferences will shift. Right now the schedule of ESSCO Conferences is

  • ESSCO President’s Meeting - September
  • PEO Student Conference - November
  • First Year Integration Conference - February
  • ESSCO Annual General Meeting - June

In a year and a half the schedule will become

  • PEO Student Conference - September
  • First Year Integration Conference - November
  • ESSCO Annual General Meeting - February
  • ESSCO Presidents Meeting - June


This way the election for ESSCO executives can happen earlier and more work can be done in the summer by the team as the transition will be complete before the summer.

In a year and a half PEO-SC will be held together with Presidents Meeting in September and everything will work out, trust me.

Also turns out the ESSCO President has 4 votes on the Ontario Engineering Competition Advisory Board. So two OECAB Advisory Positions have been created, each position will have one vote.

Next, we took a page out of the CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students) Policy Manual and created an Incident Response Committee. This committee will be the one that responds to incidents at conference. They’ll have the power to kick someone out from a conference if the incident is very serious.

A new position called the Provincial Councillor was created. The person in this position would have the knowledge of how ESSCO ran in the past few years. This person would make sure the ESSCO executive don’t make the same mistakes the executives made in the previous years. This is really common with all organizations with yearly turnover.

The changes listed are all productive and better for the organization as it continues to grow. If you have any questions about any of these let me know at ues.vpext@uwo.ca

PS. The cover photo for this blogpost contains some of the people that went to the First Year Integration Conference two years ago.

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