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Life Of an Engineering Student 2018, Mohammed Mehkari

Author: Mohammed Mehkari

Burnout. Everyone experiences it at some point. It can happen at any time. I attended the “Preventing Burnout” session at the 2018 CFES Congress in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The presentation gave a lot of useful tips to recognize and deal with the state of burnout.

The biggest takeaway from this presentation was from the discussion that followed. Students, including myself, asked and talked about various issues regarding the “life of an engineering student.”

What to do after Performing Poorly on an Exam

Consider the people you surround yourself with. Everyone has a different learning style and pace. Try finding people who have the same studying style  as you. This will make it easier for you to work with them. In the case that doesn’t work, try studying independently. You can always reach out to peers afterwards.

Use the poor performance as motivation. Think of it as a challenge. Work hard towards achieving better results. The outcome will become more rewarding.

Handling Multiple Responsibilities

Sometimes, it is okay to say no. Being an engineering student can bring upon lot of challenges and responsibilities. It is better to perform well in few things then to do poorly on everything.


Some people have found performing physical activity as a break helps improve the mental state that they are in. Watching TV shows or browsing social media are found to be not as effective. It is important to give yourself “me time.”

In my opinion, the presentation session was not as effective in addressing the issue of burnout. Hearing what other students from other schools practiced in different scenarios was far more effective.

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