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Engineering Musical

The Western Engineering Musical is a club that oversees the production of the annual engineering musical held at Western University. The club itself consists of the executive members, the production team, the backstage crew, the band, and the cast. The executive and the production team positions are filled during the summer, while the cast members are selected in the beginning of the fall term. However, every member of the musical must be currently or previously enrolled in the engineering program. The plots of the musicals are inspired from popular stories and are performed in a comedian fashion, as a parody to the original piece with western engineering themes. One very important part of the musical is the rehearsals which will occur throughout the school year and are attended by the cast, the band, and some of the production team and executive members. The rehearsals are where all the performance preparation happens for the musical and is what many members consider the most enjoyable part of the experience. This is where the team bonds and goofs around while trying to learn the script and songs that were created over the summer by the production team. To learn more about the musical, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or get in touch with any of the executive members. Please follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with the news and applications of the musical.

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