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You’re here at Western to make friends, have fun, and get an education! That’s great! However, an important part of being able to do all that is taking care of your wellness both physically and mentally. To help you out with that, the Wellness Force (a Force dedicated specifically to helping undergraduate engineering students focus on their well being) wants you to know about the following resources.

Mental Health

Just like physical health, sometimes you need extra help. If you had a broken arm, you wouldn’t try and set it yourself. Mental health is the same way. Get the help you need

In Crisis

Refer a Friend

If you friend is displaying direct or indirect reference to suicide, threats and disruptive behaviours, disordered eating, or drug and alcohol misuses, refer them to get help following these steps:
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Refer Yourself

Western offers a variety of mental health services (including counselling and support groups for grief, eating disorders, and more). If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling and need someone to talk to, check out the following link:
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If you need help right now, call Reach Out 24/7 at (519) 433-2023 for immediate mental health or addiction support.

Physical Health

Staying physically active and eating well is an important part of being a happy, fully functioning peer, friend, and student


Western offers a variety of intermural to sign up for such as innertube water polo, hockey, dodgeball, and more. To check out the full list, take a look at it.
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Rec Center Classes

Western offers a variety of classes to sign up for including fitness classes, dance classes, and aquatic classes. Check them out.
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Rec Center Hours

Check out the gym’s hours here.

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Here are twelve effective ways to reduce your impact on the environment. These challenges can be easily implemented into your daily life with minimal effort. They are split up into twelve different months to make the process easier for you, however I challenge you to read through all twelve right now and implement them as soon as it is easiest for you. School months are tailored more specifically to the month, while the summer month challenges can be implemented in your everyday life immediately! The current situation of our planet is not to be taken lightly. Whether you fully believe you can have an impact or not (trust me you do) these challenges will make a difference. We as engineers have a responsibility to the public, let’s lead by example.

*If you have any concerns with the stated facts or would like to find more ways to reduce your ecological footprint, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Environmental Commissioner Logan Pankiw by email, lpankiw@uwo.ca
Try and always have a reusable water bottle and coffee mug with you. If you drink water and coffee on the go everyday you could be avoiding over 700 containers going into the recycling/landfill every year. If every undergraduate student saved two containers a week, we’d be avoiding using over a million single-use containers during the school year!
Food waste is 8% of total global emissions. If it were its own country it would be the 3rd largest polluter. Approximately 43% of this is due to household waste. By composting you can reduce the production of methane gas (28 times the global warming power of CO2) in landfills since less organic material will breakdown in landfills. Find the composting stations in the engineering building to dispose your food wastes.
Speed Kills
Buy your holiday presents online in November this year. In doing so you will be able to use long-term shipping which is much more efficient than two-day shipping that amazon prime uses, so drop that membership and save your money. By doing this, companies will be able to load transportation vehicles full before they send them out to deliver. This helps reduce the transportation industries footprint during the holiday season.
Green Xmas
Approximately 500 tonnes of Christmas present related garbage IS thrown into landfills every year in Canada. Unfortunately, most fancy Christmas wrapping paper isn't recyclable. If it is metallic, has glitter, or has a waxy texture, it can't be recycled. This holiday season, try to use recycled brown paper and personalize it yourself using pencil crayons and other colouring supplies. I bet the person receiving the gift will appreciate it even more! Just be sure to take all the tape off the paper before you throw it back in the recycling bin.
Easy Money
Instead of throwing your empty alcoholic containers in the recycling, try returning them to The Beer Store for a refund. The 'Bag it Back' program let's you return everything you bought from the LCBO or Beer Store over 100mL. Doing this frees up space in the blue box and ensures more glass is recycled into high quality products like bottles and fibreglass instead of being used as road aggregate or ending up in the landfill. Check it out for yourself at https://www.thebeerstore.ca/about-us/environmental-leadership/bag-it-back-odrp/
Did you know your personal carbon footprint on a 3-hour round-trip flight (6 hours total) is approximately 0.363 tonnes of CO2? To stick to 2 degree Celsius warming the UN says each person in the world must only emit 1.7 tonnes of CO2/year. The flight itself represents over 20% of your supposedly yearly output to try and maintain a healthy planet. Canadians are one of the worst per capita emitters, so try to stay home and pick up a book this reading week.
Electronic Waste: Canadians produce around 750,000 tonnes of e-waste a year of which only 20% is recycled properly. This means most end up in landfills where toxic chemicals like mercury, lead, and cadmium are released in the soil, air, and ground water. Do your part and place your electronic waste in the e-waste bin outside the Spencer Engineering Building at Dock 17.
Think about saving paper this exam season. Remember to use both sides of each sheet and recycle your pages when you’re done with them. Also, save your old textbooks and notes either to sell or donate to other students. There are 640,000 textbooks discarded into landfills annually in the United States alone. Consider using virtual textbooks next year. They save paper, money, and your back!
Did you know that it takes around 7230 litres of water to get a pound of beef on your plate? It also produces just over 12kg of CO2 equivalents. This is 3 times more than turkey and 4 times more than chicken. Try and slowly cut red meat consumption out of your diet to save water and GHG emissions. Try meatless Mondays as well to further reduce your GHG emissions & water consumption!
Recycling in London might be different than what you are used to. When blue bins aren't sorted properly it can cost taxpayers up $250,000. Check out what should go in each bin and what cannot go in either, here at https://www.london.ca/residents/Garbage-Recycling/Recycling/Pages/FAQs.aspx In doing your part it will save money and help workers do their job more efficiently, all while keeping more waste out of landfills.
Cold is Cool
Did you know that approximately 90% of energy used in a washing machine cycle is to heat the water? Washing your clothes in cold is not only better for the environment but also better for your clothes, protecting them from fading and bleeding. Check your garment care labels, you might be surprised at how many clothes specify to use cold water. If you’re worried about not having the right detergent check out Tru Earth Eco-Strips. This is a detergent that works well in cold water and is extremely eco friendly from packaging to use. Wash in cold to save money and reduce your footprint!
Looking for a party costume? New pair of jeans? Don't have a use for your clothes anymore? Go to your closest thrift store before the shopping mall. It takes approximately 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton. Donating your old clothes to the thrift store saves them from the landfill. Buying new ones there is more environmentally friendly since less cotton needs to be produced, all while saving some money!
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