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2022-2023 Council

Year Reps - Coming Soon

What Do Year Reps Do?
1. Attend UES Council Meetings These typically occur biweekly, and they go over any exec updates (ex. Budget changes, meetings with the Dean), changes to the UES bylaws/constitution, and are used to get a sense of the general engineering population's opinions on new ideas for the council.

2. Communicate to Faculty When you have a question regarding academic policy, your Year Rep will likely have the answer as they can easily reach out to the VP Academic, who can direct them to the proper documentation. They may also speak to professors on the behalf of the entire class, so that the prof/TA etc. isn't bombarded with the same questions and concerns over and over again.

3. Spread the word about UES events. If you are going to follow anyone in your class on social media, they're probably a good choice. They help let everyone know about fun events and conferences that the UES holds, which is especially helpful for those with deadlines for tickets/applications.

How Do You Become A Year Rep?
Follow the UES Instagram @westernues, where all info related to elections will be posted, likely late September. If you're in first year, you will need to nominate yourself and have a couple of other engineering students recommend you. Then all information will be sent to your email about how the campaign period + election day works. Many of the UES Exec team began their involvement as a Year Rep, as it's an easy and fun way to be introduced into the engineering community, without too much time commitment.
Commissioners and Directors

Chris Mohan
5th Year Software + Ivey
Divija Bhargava
EDI Comissioner
3rd Year Software
I can't wait for this year!
Jack Lam
Chief Data Officer
5th Year Tron
Love looking at my own brainwaves šŸ˜µ
Yusra Choudhary
Marketing Commissioner
I broke my toe by dropping a chair on it
Anaar Layla Teja
Store Manager
Extended First Year
My roommate took a pic of me sleeping and my mom made it her Whatsapp pic for the semester.
Julia Collins
Upper Year Social Director
Rick's Fanatic
Logan Pankiw
Clubs Commissioner
5th Year Civil
I was the Sustainability Commissioner for the past 2 years!
Swathi Thushiyandan
Professional Development Commissioner
2nd Year Software
Please send me any invites to karaoke nights! :)
Wen Bo
USC Councillor
5th Year Tron
Mia Van Oirschot
USC Councillor
I can say the alphabet backwards
Cameron Brooks
Wellness Commissioner
3rd Year Electrical
Capybaras often fall asleep in the water.
Aaron Moses
Internship - Software
Cats >>> Dogs
Ezen Naqvi
WEC Social Director
2nd Year
My car is faster than yours.
Jack Taylor
Sustainability Commissioner
Hey! Iā€™m 2nd year Electrical student who is passionate about sustainability and enjoys staying active
Kristi Hunter
Social Media Director
3rd Year Civil
Fun Fact: I know all 50 states and their capital cities
Dhanbir Thethi
Yearbook Commissioner
5th Year Computer
i still don't know what an integral is or how to solve it šŸ˜ƒšŸ’€
Eesha Sharma
Yearbook Commissioner
2nd Year Chem and AI
I could live off of bubble tea
Navid Khan
IT Commissioner
4th Year Software
Pineapple on pizza is undefeated
Saumya Buch
IT Commissioner
4th Year Software
I was too lazy to find a nice photo of me so here's a pic of me working on the site!