UES Spaces
UES Lounge
Welcome to the UES Lounge, home to students who feel as though 40 hours in class a week just isn’t enough engineering for them! Come study, eat, socialize, game, and shop at the +/- store located just at the entrance. Having a long day? Take a quick nap on one of our comfy couches! This lounge is open at all times to engineering students, even on weekends (You will need your student ID to unlock the doors to SEB on weekends).
Uppey Downey Table

A mysterious table in Spencer Engineering Building. Only Faculty, The UES, and UES Clubs and Teams may book the table. Bookings can be placed a maximum of 2 weeks in advance and are available from 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri. There are two slots, therefore the table space is to be split to accommodate two clubs/teams. VP Finance and Western Engineering Faculty reserve the right to cancel any booking. If asked by Faculty, vacate the table immediately.

One booking per person per day (2 hours max on weekdays, 3 hours on weekends). Failure to appear within 10 minutes of booking start will result in automatic booking cancellation. Bookings can only be done up to 2 weeks in advance. Recurring Bookings are not permitted at this time. If recurring bookings are occurring, other people will have priority over the person repeating bookings. Contact VP Finance - ues.vpfinadmin@uwo.ca. - to request priority over a recurring booking. VP Finance reserves the right to cancel any booking. Reasons may include but are not limited to: rule violation, excessive or abuse of booking system, event/ team/club priority.One booking per person per day (2 hours max on weekdays, 3 hours on weekends).